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Gluttons for Punishment 2 Results!

May 3rd, 2009
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INTERCOURSE, Pa. – Every title changed hands at Brawlers On a Budget‘s latest mega event, Gluttons for Punishment 2. The biggest shocker? The new ONLY WORLD CHAMPION THAT MATTERS wasn’t even booked into the TITLE match!

Scatman def. Dr. Silaconne M. Plants via pinfall to win THE ONLY WORLD TITLE THAT MATTERS to cap the night off, after Jerri Li revealed that she has been SMP’s “secret admirer,” then knocked him out with a pipe. Scatman cashed in the Beer In The Belly with Executive Producer Trey Vincent and made history. This was SMP’s second title match in a row.

Dr. Silaconne M. Plants def. Kobe Gyant via pinfall in a Steel Cage Match to defend THE ONLY WORLD TITLE THAT MATTERS. Before Scatman and Jerri Li got involved, SMP won with a Med Degree on a steel chair to finally put away the young challenger in this classic match, only to lose it moments later.

The Great outlasted 32 men, women, inanimate objects, cyborgs, and WSE members to win the Royal Flush Rumble to become the number one contender for the ONLY WORLD TITLE THAT MATTERS. Also during the match, Axl won the Swiss Army Belt by eliminating the most brawlers during the match; Kevin the Pyromaniac won the You Gotta Be Kidding Me I Ain’t Doing That, Are You Out of Your Frickin’ Mind T&A XX Division Hardcore Title by retrieving it with a ladder; and Jerri Li won both Not Good Enough to Fight Alone Tag Team Titles by eliminating competitors at the random “wild card” elimination times.

Jerri Li def. Sarah in a Loser Leaves BOB Ladder Match via retrieving a contract hanging over the ring. Christian St. Christian inserted himself into the match, and helped Li go onto ultimate victory over her rival. Post-match, Sarah bid a teary farewell to Brawlers On a Budget (and also kicked ex-husband Scotty Whatbody on her way out).

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Total Non-Action Wrestling iMPLOSION! #20 Results!

April 23rd, 2009
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SIN CITY – Chaos. That one word best sums up Brawlers On a Budget‘s Total Non-Action Wrestling iMPLOSION! #20. The night began with 10 hellacious chair shots, and ended with the ONLY WORLD CHAMPION THAT MATTERS tapping out in the middle of the ring.

ONLY WORLD CHAMPION THAT MATTERS Dr. Silaconne M. Plants def. Sarah via pinfall. SMP prevailed against the former two-time OWCTM as complete chaos erupted during this potential Match of the Year candidate. Executive Producer Trey Vincent inserted himself as the special referee for the contest, while everyone from the locker room headed out to watch this historic main event (and possibly Sarah’s last appearance on iMPLOSION). Steel Chair instigated the entire incident by rappelling into the ring. Vincent tossed Steel Chair at Steve Studnuts, who batted the chair away with the Medium-Sized Bucket™, but right into The Great. Everybody brawled, with Jerri Li, Scatman, and Christian St. Christian eventually taking out everyone. The Fetish Freaks finale? A vicious tombstone for Sarah delivered by Jerri Li on a cheese grater chair, leading to SMP getting the pin. Post-match, however, Kobe Gyant, the number one contender targeted SMP, the man he’ll face in the cage at Gluttons For Punishment on May 2, and locked him in the Dribbler Crossface. SMP tapped as iMPLOSION went off the air!

Kevin the Pyromaniac returned to BOB, and after taking out the various Mr. Fantastic clones – including Cyborg, Chocolate, Jell-O, Kung Pao, British, Beachball, Paperclip, Origami, and Rubix Cube Mr. Fantastics – and unleashing his Burning Elbow, vowed to finally become the hardcore champion.

Kobe Gyant def. Kid Pirate via pinfall to win the Swiss Army Belt. However, Gyant was stripped of the title post-match at SMP’s urging, and Kid Pirate forced Gyant to decide between defending the title in the upcoming Royal Flush Rumble at Gluttons for Punishment and face SMP, or to focus all his attention on SMP. This proved to be a no-brainer for Kobe, who said the ONLY WORLD TITLE THAT MATTERS is all that matters to him.

Axl def. Jerri Li in a Great American Bash In Axl’s Skull Match via not having his skull caved in. Jerri pulled out all the stops, including a double chair, ladder chair, table chair, flaming chair, barbed wire chair, cheese grater chair, light tube chair, and even a C4 chair! Axl looked to be done after the tenth brutal chair shot, but Sarah ran out with everybody knocked out by the C4 explosion and duct taped Axl to the ropes. This is what forced Jerri into her actions later in the night, costing Sarah the ONLY WORLD TITLE THAT MATTERS.

Up next, BOB heads to Intercourse, PA for the Gluttons For Punishment 2 On-Demand! Check out the entire GFP2 card, and send us your money!

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Total Non-Action Wrestling iMPLOSION! 19 Results!

April 9th, 2009
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SIN CITY – Death and You Gotta Be Kidding Me I Ain’t Doing That, Are You Out of Your Frickin’ Mind T&A XX Division Hardcore Champion Hamster Girl went “6 Rounds” in a memorable You Gotta Be Kidding Me I Ain’t Doing That, Are You Out of Your Frickin’ Mind T&A XX Division Hardcore Title match on Brawlers On a Budget’s Total Non-Action Wrestling iMPLOSION! #19. But in the end, Hamster Girl successfully defended her title against Big Bony with a little help from her manager.

Hamster Girl’s manager, Sammy Stoner, gave Hamster Girl a “leg up” and caused Death to fall out of a helicopter in the final “challenge,” a Last Entity Not Thrown Out of a Helicopter Match. Death tried to steal the win with some help from fellow Entities of Destruction members Dr. Silaconne M. Plants, the ONLY WORLD CHAMPION THAT MATTERS, Kid Pirate, the Swiss Army Champion and Acting BigBOSS, and Steel Chair. However, Kobe Gyant and Joe Bananas (along with Red Chair and Black Chair) made the save, as the feud between Gyant Bananas and the EOD continues to intensify.

Hamster Girl’s other challenges this night included not getting her title belt stolen, tongue wrestling XXXtreme Machine in an elevator for 20 floors, kissing Scatman‘s feces-covered tushy, finding a certain room in the hotel containing a photograph of her beltnapped belt, and eating a plate full of evil German peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!

Not Good Enough to Fight Alone Tag Team Champions The Great & “XFactor” Pete Trable defeated Steve Studnuts and Christian St. Christian, after Christian turned out to be Executive Producer Trey Vincent in disguise. Vincent unmasked after delivering a Coming Down on his former buddy, and setting up Studnuts for a Twist of Great for the pin. Vincent then also got some revenge on referee Vicky Jean, hitting her with a Shocking Conclusion before ripping off her top!

Throughout the night, footage of Scotty Whatbody “training” (some might call it “torturing”) Axl to prepare him for his next match, a Great American Bash In Axl’s Skull Match, on the next iMPLOSION! Numerous chair shots, hot rocks, broken glass, thumbtacks, a “cat fight” in pudding, and watching “One Night In Chyna” are just a few things Scotty cooked up for Axl’s training sessions in Sinister City to toughen him up!

Kobe Gyant & Joe Bananas defeated Jerri Li & Viet Kong in a Vietnamese Deathmatch. If you like blood and barbed wire, then this is the match for you! Well, as much as G5TV would allow us to do, anyway.

The night began with the Entities of Destruction celebrating SMP’s successful ONLY WORLD TITLE THAT MATTERS defense in the March Mayhem 2009 tournament. Gyant came out to confront SMP, and also try to stir up some trouble within the group, before Viet Kong (and his manager “Charlie”) made his return to BOB after a long absence. Bananas came to the rescue of his partner, however, and Kong ended up taking a ride off the plank through a stack of flaming tables that mysteriously appeared!

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Total Non-Action Wrestling iMPLOSION! #18 Results!

March 25th, 2009
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SIN CITY – Gluttons for Punishment 2 is right around the corner, but before we get to Brawlers On a Budget’s next On-Demand, the next two editions of iMPLOSION will feature FOUR title matches, all of which were drawn at random on Total Non-Action Wrestling iMPLOSION! #18! In the next month, BOB’s entire championship landscape could change.

Kid Pirate booked the following matches by pulling contenders out of his hat:

  • ONLY WORLD TITLE THAT MATTERS: Dr. Silaconne M. Plants (if he retains the title in the March Mayhem 2009 tournament) will face former two-time ONLY WORLD CHAMPION THAT MATTERS Sarah Whatbody!
  • Swiss Army Belt: Pirate will defend his title against Kobe Gyant!
  • The You Gotta Be Kidding I Ain’t Doing That, Are You Out of Your Frickin’ Mind T&A Hardcore XX Division Championship: Hamster Girl will defend her title against Death!
  • The Not Good Enough to Fight Alone Tag Team Titles: The Great and “XFactor” Pete Trable will defend their titles against the pairing of Steve Studnuts and Christian St. Christian.
  • In other action, Jerri Li will face Axl in a Great American Bash In Axl’s Skull Match!

Prior to the championship lottery-style drawing, which was supposed to be done by BOB’s Executive Producer Trey Vincent, Studnuts got some payback on his former friend by assaulting him with the Medium-Sized Bucket. Referee Vicky Jean, who was being forced into receiving a “public spanking” by Vincent, provided plenty of distraction for Studnuts to sneak into the ring and beat Vincent bloody with the bucket. What will Vincent’s response be? And will we ever see Vincent vs. Studnuts going one on one?

SMP & Death def. Gyant & Joe Bananas via pinfall thanks to some help from the newest member of the Entities of Destruction, Steel Chair! Steel Chair made its presence known by rappelling down on a zip line to lend Death a hand (figuratively speaking, of course). Pirate also interfered in this match, smashing a bottle of rum over Gyant’s skull, before Plants nailed Gyant with a Medigree into the glass.

Li defeated Tia Tarr via pinfall in a brutal no disqualification match that ended after Li tombstoned Tarr through a ringside table.

Also on this night, the Entities of Destruction continued to prepare for SMP’s alleged secret admirer, Joanie Laurer, by watching the infamous (disturbing) “One Night In Chyna” sex tape. Laurer is rumored to reveal herself (hopefully only figuratively) at Gluttons for Punishment 2 on BOB-On-Demand!

Axl & Sarah def. Christian & Scatman via disqualification after Li interfered, laying out both Sarah and Axl with a chair. The Fetish Freaks continued assaulting the new tag team of Axl and Sarah (a team Axl’s new manager Scotty Whatbody put together) until Pigeon ran in to make the save.

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Sam, Sam The Dancing Yam Promo

December 10th, 2008
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Sam, Sam the Dancing Yam

***The Scene opens on a Yam Farm outside of New Jersey***

*Sam Sam The Dancing Yam is sitting in his little part of the yam garden. He looks up and sees the camera looking at him recording his every action for the next few minutes while he introduces himself to those that are BOB. Those evil little pricks that call themselves “wrestlers” and those other people that call themselves “Backstage Crew”*

Sam, Sam The Dancing Yam – Well, hello peoples who are out there in the land outside of my lovely Yam patch. I greet you in the name of the great Yam in the sky.

*Sam begins smiling*

SSTDY – Some of you peoples that aren’t my lord and master, Foamy, are probably wondering how I became such a great guy!

*He pulls up a Chalkboard which has some photos tacked to it.*

SSTDY – You see, my Lord and Master, Foamy The Squirrel created me in an evil gentic experiment involving *he points to the respective pictures* Yams, Banana Cream Pie, Squirrel DNA, Human DNA and whatever they where having for lunch that day. And out came *points to himself* ME.

*He puts down the chalkboard smiling to himself and to the audience. After a few moments he looks back down at the chalkboard, scratching his head in confusion*

SSTDY – Since when did we start putting chalkboard randomly around the fields for such explanations like the one I just gave?

*He just shrugs*

SSTDY – Ah well it could be worse. At least they aren’t leaving clones of the Lord and Master. ‘Cause that would just be stupidly random and without reason. That and the last time they did that I had to unleash my secret Yam powers to stop them and Lord Foamy wasn’t very happy about that.

*Anways he turns back to the naughty camera, considering he forgot that I was there for a moment, like he forgets many things. But then again he is part Yam and since when did Yams have memories. Can you really tell me the last time a Yam had a memory?…….. Can’t think of any? Thought so. So :-p to you. Anyways back to Sam.*

SSTDY – Yes, thank you Mr. Commentry person. Not that the audience really needed to have smarmy comments thrown at them did they?

*Not really no. But I was trying to interact with the audience other then letting them know what you’re doing. It can get quite boring doing that you know?*

SSTDY – One can guess. But I’ve got to say goodbye as I think we’re out of time for today.

*But we’ve only just gone over one page on Microsoft word. How can our time be up?*

SSTDY – ‘Cause I was only suppose to introduce myself so my application could go though so just describe me waving goodbye and we can finish our conversation later.

*Okay, but you owe me one for this. Sam, Sam The Dancing Yam smiles graciously out at his audience and waves goodbye.*

SSTDY – Goodbye everyone.

Fade to Black…

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A New Life

December 6th, 2008
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Hamster Girl

[Indigo and Hamster Girl are in a hotel room. The ceiling fan above them wafts cool air onto the tops of their heads as they pack their clothes into a leather suitcase. Indigo is stood on the balcony, sipping chilled brandy from a glass as he stares out at a Caribbean sunset.]

Hamster Girl: Have you seen those cigars?

[Indigo turns his head over his shoulders and shrugs.]

Indigo: We wont get them past customs anyway.

Hamster Girl: But they smell so nice! Way better than that marijuana you bought.

Indigo: We definitely wont get that past customs.

[Hamster Girl stuffs the last of the Hawaiian shirts into the suitcase and tries to close it. She jumps up and sits on the lid to try and get it shut.]

Hamster Girl: You aren’t doing shit! Our flight to America is only in an hour! I bet you didn’t even call a taxi yet.

Indigo: Don’t worry, I did. We’ll be there on time.

[Hamster Girl smiles the cutest smile you’ve ever seen and claps her hands.]

Hamster Girl: Yay!

Indigo: Don’t get too excited, I hear the place we’re going to work for is a real shithole.

[Hamster Girl pouts.]

Hamster Girl: Don’t say that!

Indigo: It’s true. They even had a guy running around covered in dookie with a scat gimmick.

Hamster Girl: What does scat mean?

[He brushes her neon pink hair and pinches her cheeks.]

Indigo: Something you don’t ever want to know about.

Hamster Girl: He’s gone now though, right?

Indigo: Yes, and he’ll never come back. We’ll make that place a much nicer environment to work in.

Hamster Girl: Yay!

[Indigo picks up the plane tickets from the desk and stuffs them into his back pocket. He takes Hamster Girl by the hand and leads her to the door.]

Indigo: Are you ready to start a new life?

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MegaBrawl II Preview!

December 2nd, 2008
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It’s beginning to look at lot like MegaBrawl II! Yes, Brawlers On a Budget’s biggest show of the year, MegaBrawl II, rolls into Sin City Stadium Dec. 13. Here’s what you can expect to see on the great-grandson of them all…

It’s A Wonderful Curtain Jerker Battle Royal! Yes, the winner of this one will get a shot at the Swiss Army Belt sometime down the line. The following BOBsters are scheduled to appear in this match: Little Good, Pigeon, Pretty Boy, Snapmare Kid, Tia Tar, XFactor Pete Trable, and XXXtreme Machine!

Then, two team are dreaming of a title shot for the Not Good Enough To Fight Alone Tag Team Titles, but only one can wrap up the win as The Wizard and Thomas Largeman battle Steel Chair and his apprentice The Human Foreign Object!

Then, it’s a nightmare before Christmas for feuding brothers Axl and Viruz, who are set to go one on one in a Anywhere "Anywhere Is" Is Playing Match.

Insano Mano and Kamikazie Ken have sure been naughty to nice guys Coma and Hallucination Boy. What to do? Rakes On a Plane! Yes siree, we’re gonna send these four guys up on an airplane filled with rakes and let them settle the score.

Is Zombie Mr. Fantastic the grinch who stole Death‘s wife, Katie? Perhaps, but Death and Zombie Mr. Fantastic will finally have it out at MegaBrawl II in a grudge match!

Two men will be walking in a planky wonderland, as Seth Harker puts up his Acting BigBOSSship against Kid Pirate in a Walk the Plank Match!

If all you want for Christmas is some T&A, well then you’re in luck, because Sarah "The Jobber Slayer" will defend her T&A XX Division Title against Jerri Li in a Bra & Panties Soap Suds Match! Ho ho ho!

Joy to the world, a new ONLY WORLD TITLE THAT MATTERS number one contender is come! But who will it be? Kurt Angel, The Great, Kobe Gyant, or American Panda?

Violent night, holy (shit) night, in the main event, EVERYTHING is on the line as Steve Studnuts defends the ONLY WORLD TITLE THAT MATTERS and his half of the Not Good Enough To Fight Alone Tag Team Titles against Dr. Silaconne M. Plants, who is also putting the Swiss Army Belt and HIS half of the Not Good Enough To Fight Alone Tag Team Titles. The match will be a Nicolas Cage Match, which means various Nicolas Cage DVDs will be hung on the cage and available for use as weapons in the match! Also, SMP has agreed to put his CAREER on the line, so if he loses, he’s done in BOB!

It should be an unforgettable event! Don’t miss it! Send us your money now!

(Card subject to bait-and-switch)

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October Surprise (Part 2) Results!

November 15th, 2008
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Steve Studnuts wanted to send a message Dr. Silaconne M. Plants, the man he’ll face next month at MegaBrawl II in the main event. Mission accomplished. Studnuts, along with Seth Harker, Kurt Angel, Sarah “The Jobber Slayer” and Death beat on Plants until he was unconscious at the end of the Snore Games main event at October Surprise. Plants was on Studnuts’ team, but that didn’t matter to Studnuts tonight. It wasn’t about a win or a loss. Studnuts wanted to hurt SMP. Here’s how it all came about.

-Part 2 kicked off with Sarah confronting Trey Vincent out back about Vincent’s departure from BOB. After discovering Vincent was with her sister, Michelle, in the limo, Sarah decided to give Michelle a new gimmick: Scatwoman.

Pretty Boy defeated Kamikazie Ken in a brutal affair that ended after some sneakery by the parrot involving a barbed wire cracker. Insano Mano tried to come out to help Ken, but he was assaulted by Coma, and Hallucination Boy and some rakes.

-Backstage, Jerri Li and Scatman tried to come up with some match stipulations for a contest at Deathmatchapalooza. However, that event looks to be off as Jerri Li was seriously hurt in Snore Games later this evening.

-Up next, Kay Fabe interviewed Angel, who had yet another surprise for the BOB fans. He was no longer going to face Zombie Mr. Fantastic. His replacement: Misty Waters. Death wasn’t happy about this, and it looked like the former Skull & Stoned Society friendship was about to implode.

-Waters was victorious in her match against Mr. Fantastic by disqualification, due to Katie Death eating her to death, which was against the rule Vincent had set in place at the beginning of October Surprise. Post-match, Death and Zombie Mr. Fantastic brawled.

-Kay Fabe interviewed Team Studnuts. Things of note: Kay Fabe and Lindsay Lohan have quite a few things in common; Black Power; and Studnuts and Sarah are apparently going to get drunk and hook up later.

American Panda defeated Axl in a Bamboo on a Bamboo Pole Match. Viruz played a pivotal role near the end of the match, turning on his brother for months (and years) of abuse. Now set for MegaBrawl II: Viruz vs. Axl in an Anywhere “Anywhere Is” Is Playing Match.

-Kay Fabe interviewed Team Greatful Dead next. Things of note: Death promised he wouldn’t betray the team, Pirate rap, and Mr. Stabby.

-While The Flunky and the ring crew assembled the Snore Games cage for the main event, we went to some pre-taped action: D-Van Drudley, Rubba Ray Drudley and Long Schlong Drudley vs. Small Tyke Drudley, Little Good, and Pigeon. The good guys won after a surprise cameo by BOB legend douja!

-Main event time. And it is possibly the bloodiest match in BOB history. Team Great (The Great, Death, “XFactor” Pete Trable, Kid Pirate, and Jerri) defeated Team Studnuts (Studnuts, Plants, Harker, and Sarah) when Plants was unable to continue. The match kicked off with a surprise as Angel became the fifth member of Team Studnuts to kick off the first five-minute period against Jerri.

Death was the third entrant, and that’s when his true colors were revealed. He quickly turned on Jerri, and Kurt and Death spent the next two minutes pounding on Jerri. Things only got worse two minutes later as Studnuts entered the cage to make it three-on-one! That numbers game made all the difference the rest of the way through. By the time Pirate entered, he had to fight Studnuts, Death, and Angel all by himself for two minutes. Then Harker entered the fray to make the odds even worse. Trable entered next, followed by Sarah, The Great, and finally Plants. Just when things seemed all even, as Plants made it clear he wouldn’t fight on the same side as Studnuts, things got bad.

The Great was lovecuffed to the ropes. Sarah kicked open the cage door and Team Studnuts tossed Jerri, Pirate and Trable out of the cage, before locking the door shut. While Sarah tickled The Great, hoping for a submission, Studnuts, Harker, Death and Angel beat on SMP relentlessly, until finally after multiple Death Valley (Of The Sun) Drivers, SMP was knocked out and the match ended.

MegaBrawl II, BOB’s biggest show of the year, should be off the charts next month. Until then, check out October Surprise (Part 2)!

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October Surprise (Part 1) Results!

November 8th, 2008
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Fittingly, Brawlers On a Budget’s On-Demand event October Surprise kicked off with several surprises: a firing, a hiring, a re-signing, a talent raid by the Legacy of Champions, two members of the iAd fighting each other, and a robbery. And that was just the opening segment!

-The show kicked off with BOB’s Vice President in Charge of Everything Trey Vincent heading to the ring. He announced the firing of Generic Ref and the hiring of new, sexier referee, Vicky Jean. Little Good eventually volunteered to bring Generic Ref to the woods and leave him.

-Up next, Vincent revealed that he has re-signed Axl to a one year contract and inserted Axl into the match later tonight against American Panda. The crowd didn’t like this one bit. They also didn’t like that Vincent banned any eating of any other BOB roster member tonight.

-Some unfamiliar music interrupted Vincent, as a man representing the Legacy of Champions emerged and offered Vincent a bag full of money for his sports entertainment services. The fans shouted, “You’re selling out,” and that’s exactly what Vincent did. He signed an LoC contract and tried to say goodbye, but Vincent’s longtime buddy, fellow iAd founder, and BOB’s ONLY WORLD CHAMPION THAT MATTERS Steve Studnuts came out to find out what was going on. After some rather unkind words between the two, Studnuts ended up hitting a Death Valley (Of The Sun) Driver on Vincent, and then taking some of Vincent’s cash!

-Backstage, Kay Fabe interviewed Team Kobe. Kobe offered to wean Kay off unnaturally pale white boys.

-It was time for the first Snore Games match of the night, as Kobe Gyant led Al U. Minium-Ladder, Acoustic Guitar, Woody Table, and Mike “The Monotone” Monroe to victory over the 4 Steelchairs (Steel, Red, Black and Beige) and their manager Va-Jay-Jay Dillon. Dillon had a last second surprise for Kobe’s team, however. She was apparently too injured to compete and had a replacement: The Human Foreign Object! This brutal, bloody, fiery match featured one of the most insane bumps you will ever see, as Gyant hit a shooting superstar press from the top of the ladder on top of the cage and put three of the 4 Steelchairs through Woody Table, before the roof collapsed!

-Outside of the hotel, Jerri Li had a proposition for Trey Vincent (who we learned is staying on as BOB’s Executive Producer) — Send Us Money: Deathmatchpalooza. Yes, Jerri will be the Vice President in Charge of Everything for BOB’s next On-Demand later this month. And that one won’t be safe for children!

-In tag team action, The Wizard and Thomas Largeman had an easy go of it in their debut against the reunited Fingerbang XXX (XXXtreme Machine and Snapmare Kid), picking up their first win decisively.

-Backstage, Kay Fabe interviewed Pretty Boy, who had some unkind words for Kay, Kid Pirate, and Kamikazie Ken.

-Outside once again, Trey Vincent was greeted by his ex-wife Michelle, who was seeking Vincent’s powerful VP position. After throwing some trash into the back of the limo, Vincent was apparently ready to get down to *ahem* business.

-And in the final match of Part 1, Scatman and Christian St. Christian defeated Violent Pacifist and Mr. Intensity after some help from Jerri Li and a flaming ironing board!

Check out October Surprise (Part 1)!

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Brawlers On a Budget’s Total Non-Action Wrestling iMPLOSION! #14 Results!

October 30th, 2008
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-The final Brawlers On a Budget show before October Surprise kicked off with Seth Harker being ambushed by Kid Pirate, who had cleverly hidden a net with leaves in a hallway. Pirate demanded a “Walk The Plank” match with Harker at MegaBrawl II and to put his job as Acting BigBOSS on the line. Harker had no choice but to accept, unless he wanted to keep getting poked in the arse with KP’s sword.

-We then found the Fetish Freaks in a bathroom, where Scatman appeared to be on acid. Jerri Li decided that she’d like to see Christian St. Christian take on Scatman at October Surprise in a hardcore snowball fight.

-BOB welcomed the offensive players from the Sin City Icons of the FBL to the ballroom prior to the main (and only) event of iMPLOSION. BOB’s own Trey Vincent owns the Icons.

-Acting Vice President in Charge of Everything Dr. Silaconne M. Plants made a change to the Fetish Freaks’ hardcore snowball fight idea, telling the Fetish Freaks that they wouldn’t face each other, but instead two former BOBsters. Who will the mystery team be? Find out at October Surprise!

-In a main event shocker, SMP prevailed in the Swiss Army Belt Scrabble Scramble Match by getting the final pin of the 20-minute match on BOB’s Grand Slam Champion, Steve Studnuts! Death, The Great, and “XFactor” Pete Trable also participated in the match. SMP replaced “Stupendous” Steve Hawking, who was pushed down a stairwell last week by a mystery assailant. Also during the match, Vincent appeared and provoked the football players. We still don’t know where Vincent is. Possibly the proctologist trying to get a frying pan out of his backside.

-Post-match, new Swiss Army champ SMP had one final surprise as we head into October Surprise: we learned the main event of MegaBrawl II will be SMP vs. Studnuts for the ONLY WORLD TITLE THAT MATTERS, Swiss Army Belt, and Not Good Enough To Fight Alone Tag Team Titles!

Check out Total Non-Action Wrestling iMPLOSION! #14!

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