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October Surprise (Part 2) Results!

November 15th, 2008


Steve Studnuts wanted to send a message Dr. Silaconne M. Plants, the man he’ll face next month at MegaBrawl II in the main event. Mission accomplished. Studnuts, along with Seth Harker, Kurt Angel, Sarah “The Jobber Slayer” and Death beat on Plants until he was unconscious at the end of the Snore Games main event at October Surprise. Plants was on Studnuts’ team, but that didn’t matter to Studnuts tonight. It wasn’t about a win or a loss. Studnuts wanted to hurt SMP. Here’s how it all came about.

-Part 2 kicked off with Sarah confronting Trey Vincent out back about Vincent’s departure from BOB. After discovering Vincent was with her sister, Michelle, in the limo, Sarah decided to give Michelle a new gimmick: Scatwoman.

Pretty Boy defeated Kamikazie Ken in a brutal affair that ended after some sneakery by the parrot involving a barbed wire cracker. Insano Mano tried to come out to help Ken, but he was assaulted by Coma, and Hallucination Boy and some rakes.

-Backstage, Jerri Li and Scatman tried to come up with some match stipulations for a contest at Deathmatchapalooza. However, that event looks to be off as Jerri Li was seriously hurt in Snore Games later this evening.

-Up next, Kay Fabe interviewed Angel, who had yet another surprise for the BOB fans. He was no longer going to face Zombie Mr. Fantastic. His replacement: Misty Waters. Death wasn’t happy about this, and it looked like the former Skull & Stoned Society friendship was about to implode.

-Waters was victorious in her match against Mr. Fantastic by disqualification, due to Katie Death eating her to death, which was against the rule Vincent had set in place at the beginning of October Surprise. Post-match, Death and Zombie Mr. Fantastic brawled.

-Kay Fabe interviewed Team Studnuts. Things of note: Kay Fabe and Lindsay Lohan have quite a few things in common; Black Power; and Studnuts and Sarah are apparently going to get drunk and hook up later.

American Panda defeated Axl in a Bamboo on a Bamboo Pole Match. Viruz played a pivotal role near the end of the match, turning on his brother for months (and years) of abuse. Now set for MegaBrawl II: Viruz vs. Axl in an Anywhere “Anywhere Is” Is Playing Match.

-Kay Fabe interviewed Team Greatful Dead next. Things of note: Death promised he wouldn’t betray the team, Pirate rap, and Mr. Stabby.

-While The Flunky and the ring crew assembled the Snore Games cage for the main event, we went to some pre-taped action: D-Van Drudley, Rubba Ray Drudley and Long Schlong Drudley vs. Small Tyke Drudley, Little Good, and Pigeon. The good guys won after a surprise cameo by BOB legend douja!

-Main event time. And it is possibly the bloodiest match in BOB history. Team Great (The Great, Death, “XFactor” Pete Trable, Kid Pirate, and Jerri) defeated Team Studnuts (Studnuts, Plants, Harker, and Sarah) when Plants was unable to continue. The match kicked off with a surprise as Angel became the fifth member of Team Studnuts to kick off the first five-minute period against Jerri.

Death was the third entrant, and that’s when his true colors were revealed. He quickly turned on Jerri, and Kurt and Death spent the next two minutes pounding on Jerri. Things only got worse two minutes later as Studnuts entered the cage to make it three-on-one! That numbers game made all the difference the rest of the way through. By the time Pirate entered, he had to fight Studnuts, Death, and Angel all by himself for two minutes. Then Harker entered the fray to make the odds even worse. Trable entered next, followed by Sarah, The Great, and finally Plants. Just when things seemed all even, as Plants made it clear he wouldn’t fight on the same side as Studnuts, things got bad.

The Great was lovecuffed to the ropes. Sarah kicked open the cage door and Team Studnuts tossed Jerri, Pirate and Trable out of the cage, before locking the door shut. While Sarah tickled The Great, hoping for a submission, Studnuts, Harker, Death and Angel beat on SMP relentlessly, until finally after multiple Death Valley (Of The Sun) Drivers, SMP was knocked out and the match ended.

MegaBrawl II, BOB’s biggest show of the year, should be off the charts next month. Until then, check out October Surprise (Part 2)!

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