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October Surprise (Part 1) Results!

November 8th, 2008


Fittingly, Brawlers On a Budget’s On-Demand event October Surprise kicked off with several surprises: a firing, a hiring, a re-signing, a talent raid by the Legacy of Champions, two members of the iAd fighting each other, and a robbery. And that was just the opening segment!

-The show kicked off with BOB’s Vice President in Charge of Everything Trey Vincent heading to the ring. He announced the firing of Generic Ref and the hiring of new, sexier referee, Vicky Jean. Little Good eventually volunteered to bring Generic Ref to the woods and leave him.

-Up next, Vincent revealed that he has re-signed Axl to a one year contract and inserted Axl into the match later tonight against American Panda. The crowd didn’t like this one bit. They also didn’t like that Vincent banned any eating of any other BOB roster member tonight.

-Some unfamiliar music interrupted Vincent, as a man representing the Legacy of Champions emerged and offered Vincent a bag full of money for his sports entertainment services. The fans shouted, “You’re selling out,” and that’s exactly what Vincent did. He signed an LoC contract and tried to say goodbye, but Vincent’s longtime buddy, fellow iAd founder, and BOB’s ONLY WORLD CHAMPION THAT MATTERS Steve Studnuts came out to find out what was going on. After some rather unkind words between the two, Studnuts ended up hitting a Death Valley (Of The Sun) Driver on Vincent, and then taking some of Vincent’s cash!

-Backstage, Kay Fabe interviewed Team Kobe. Kobe offered to wean Kay off unnaturally pale white boys.

-It was time for the first Snore Games match of the night, as Kobe Gyant led Al U. Minium-Ladder, Acoustic Guitar, Woody Table, and Mike “The Monotone” Monroe to victory over the 4 Steelchairs (Steel, Red, Black and Beige) and their manager Va-Jay-Jay Dillon. Dillon had a last second surprise for Kobe’s team, however. She was apparently too injured to compete and had a replacement: The Human Foreign Object! This brutal, bloody, fiery match featured one of the most insane bumps you will ever see, as Gyant hit a shooting superstar press from the top of the ladder on top of the cage and put three of the 4 Steelchairs through Woody Table, before the roof collapsed!

-Outside of the hotel, Jerri Li had a proposition for Trey Vincent (who we learned is staying on as BOB’s Executive Producer) — Send Us Money: Deathmatchpalooza. Yes, Jerri will be the Vice President in Charge of Everything for BOB’s next On-Demand later this month. And that one won’t be safe for children!

-In tag team action, The Wizard and Thomas Largeman had an easy go of it in their debut against the reunited Fingerbang XXX (XXXtreme Machine and Snapmare Kid), picking up their first win decisively.

-Backstage, Kay Fabe interviewed Pretty Boy, who had some unkind words for Kay, Kid Pirate, and Kamikazie Ken.

-Outside once again, Trey Vincent was greeted by his ex-wife Michelle, who was seeking Vincent’s powerful VP position. After throwing some trash into the back of the limo, Vincent was apparently ready to get down to *ahem* business.

-And in the final match of Part 1, Scatman and Christian St. Christian defeated Violent Pacifist and Mr. Intensity after some help from Jerri Li and a flaming ironing board!

Check out October Surprise (Part 1)!

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