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Results from BOB’s Total Non-Action Wrestling iMPLOSION! 12

October 9th, 2008


-The show kicked off with several former BOBsters, including Nic Flare, D-Van Drudley, Rubba Ray Drudley, Rob Van Spam, and Super Gluey, who had apparently won a “free chainsaw.” Little did they know what they had really won. A Sin City Chainsaw Massacre!

American Panda had a successful BOB debut as he defeated…make that DEVOURED, the Thirstiest S.O.B. in BOB, Luke Warm.

-Post-match, Axl arrived to dish out some punishment to American Panda with several wicked bamboo shots to the masked panda’s skull. Dr. Silaconne M. Plants, BOB’s Acting Vice President in Charge of Everything, arrived to confront Axl and challenge him to a Loser Leaves BOB match!

-Technical difficulties prevented us from visiting the Scrabble game backstage between Steve Studnuts, The Great, “XFactor” Pete Trable, Death and “Stupendous” Stephen Hawking. The scores will determine the entry in next week’s Scrabble Scramble Swiss Army Belt Match!

Kamikazie Ken and Insano Mano picked up a DQ victory over the Fetish Freaks’ Scatman and Tentacle Beast. The post-match assault by the Freaks was apparently to disgusting to make it on the air.

XamfARRR provided us some literary greatness in the form of two future BOBsters, The Wizard and Thomas Largeman. Fingerbang XXX (XXXtreme Machine and Snapmare Kid) arrived and accidentally set the set on fire.

-And in the main event, Dr. Silaconne M. Plants defeated Axl with a Med Degree, which means Axl is now GONE from BOB.

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