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July 25th, 2008

The Great

(Close up shot of The Great, whose head looks very big right now.)

“The Great”: Axl, I guess The Great will go ahead and accept your out of character apology. The Great does, however, still think you’re a tool. At Power is Stolen, The Great and Pete Trable will let that water be under the bridge, we’ll let by gones be by gones. The beating you guys get from us will be punishment enough for your crimes. We’re going to destroy whatever Heirarchy members we face. Hopefully, you’re one of them.

XFactor Pete Trable

(The camera angle zooms back a bit to reveal The Great and Pete Trable located in an unsavory section of downtown St. Louis. While The Great is dressed in black slacks and a button down shirt, Pete is in full gangsta regalia (well, what he considers “gangsta” anyway)— super baggy jeans, tan Lugz, and a throwback Vince Ferragamo jersey. Despite it being 73 degrees outside and evidence of a slight drizzle, both men are standing next to a lid-less 50 gallon metal drum with a fire burning inside it.)

“The Great”: That’s right, The Heirarchy. The Great and Pete Trable are in East St. Louis. We’ll probably be murdered in less than 10 minutes, so we’re in a hurry to get out of here. Pete insisted to do this in this location, he begged The Great. The Great finally complied. Pete has something to say to you and your group. The Great will standby and listen, and keep The Great’s finger on the trigger of The Great’s Baretta.

(Pete steps in front of The Great. A couple of disheveled winos that were rolling dice to this point, stop and begin a simple beat box routine. Pete’s body starts to move, and when he’s “in time” with the beat boxing, he just blurts out.)

Pete: That’s true, it’s Pete—
In East St. Lou.
Telling all what we gonna—
do to you.


You never heard this shit be – fore
Look over there – at that crack whore!

Come to P.I.S. and don’t meander.
Cheap Trick’s lead-singer is Robin Zander.
That shit in your hair?—
some call it dander.
Axl, you’re a queer —
and that shit ain’t slander.

My partner is The Great—
but not Alexander.
This match is a slam dunk—
A LeBron one hander!

We – gonna – kick – that – ass
My bullets penetrate—
Yard thick glass.

That last line sucked
I know it’s true
But it hella lot better
Than what you could do.

When I was in your faction
it was kinda like in-traction
An action hero—
without the action.

Your raps made me suck—
in the eyes of the fans
My street cred vanished—
Like Guevara’s hands.

I’m serious, yo!
When you started to rhyme—
You should’ve been arrested
for a death row crime!

But Pete is back
you know that’s right.
Gonna whoop that ass—
in an one-sided fight.

And if you don’t understand
all of my rhymes
Maybe Fraud can return—
and explain this time.


Now when you lose to the best—
And you wanna throw rocks
Just remember what happened
To Thrillacox.

Don’t cry when you job—
We just a team you can’t stop
By the time we through—
You’d prefer rape from Spacecop.

This shit?
It’s gonna get nasty.
I can’t think of anything to rhyme with nasty.

In short, we’re gonna go—
Guess who’s the pins?
At Power is Stolen.

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