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BOB Wrestling presents iMPLOSION 7!

May 21st, 2008

Next Wednesday, Brawlers On a Budget’s Grand Slam parody tournament extravaganza continues on Total Non-Action Wrestling iMPLOSION! #7 on G5 TV, emanating from the Four Dragons Casino in Sin City.

BOBWrestling.com has received the following information regarding Wednesday’s iMPLOSION from BOB Vice President In Charge of Everything Trey Vincent:

-Death, XXXtreme Machine, Dr. Silaconne M. Plants, Mr. Paradox, Luke Warm, Pigeon, The Great, and Duff will compete in an over-the-top-rope Royal Flush Rumble. It’s a totally original battle royal. You know what makes it different? Instead of everybody being in the ring at the start, two guys will start and fight for five minutes, then every two minutes, a new person will enter the match. Never seen that before, have you? Oh wait, you probably have. Right, but how about weapons? Ahhh. There we go. Every BOBster can bring a weapon of choice to the ring with them.

Also, Vincent has decreed that there will not be one winner, rather FOUR winners. Now I KNOW you’ve never seen that! Vincent has granted Sarah “The Jobber Slayer,” Dr. Thrilla, himself and Kevin the Pyromaniac a bye in this round, and they’re automatically entered into the final eight. Which means only four slots are avaiable between these eight competitors.

Axl, Steve Roydz and Insano Mano have opted to save themselves for the big Beer In The Belly Ladder Match at UnFOURgiven, and Joe Bananas will lose his Grand Slam opportunity in the Rumble due to injury.

All this and possibly more Wednesday on iMPLOSION! as we get closer to the next BOB-On-Demand mega-event, UnFOURgiven!

Matches already set for UnFOURgiven:

-Grand Slam Finals, Winner Takes Every BOB Title: THE ONLY WORLD CHAMPION THAT MATTERS + The Swiss Army Belt holder vs. The Not Good Enough To Fight Alone Tag Team Champions!

-Beer In The Belly Ladder Match (winner gets a guaranteed ONLY WORLD TITLE THAT MATTERS match): Dr. Silaconne M. Plants vs. Mr. Paradox vs. Axl vs. Steve Roydz vs. The Great vs. Insano Mano!

-T&A XX Division Title Match: Jerri Li vs. Nikki MantleĀ©!

-Enter The Vortex Match: Viruz vs. Kurt Angel!


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