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Snowball Fight

March 4th, 2008

Kevin the Pyromaniac

[Kevin is seen finishing a snowman. He wraps a brown scarf around it’s neck, puts coal in for eyes and a carrot for a nose.]

Kevin: Piece of cake!

[Around him are similarly aged teenagers with snowballs in their hands. ‘Taxman’ by The Beatles is playing on a stereo nearby.]

Kevin: Let’s get down to brass tacks, we need to spit people into group.

[One of them throw a snowball at Kevin’s face.]

Kevin: Have you lost your marbles?! I’ll strangle the shit out of you!

Xaing the chinese kid: Just pulling your leg.

Kevin: No skin off my nose I guess, but keep your eyes on the road, this is a real snowball fight… no monkey business!

Bianca: Can I throw my hat in the ring?

[A group of blonde girls with their own snowballs stand prepared near the boys.]

Kevin: This is a snowball fight bitches, it’s a different kettle of fish to braiding your hair.

Frank: Yeah!

Linda: How can we twist your arm? You’re just scared of girls versus boys because you know you’ll lose, catch my drift?

Kevin: Christ, this is gonna be a trainwreck.

Xaing: No rose tinted glasses, we’re hardcore with ice and rocks and shit.

Lucille: Ew.

Kevin: Then again, we are hot blooded males.

[Kevin throws a hard ball at a girl named Tina that knocks her on her back.]

Kevin: Get ready to kick the bucket!

[Bianca throws an ice filled ball at Kevin that drives him into the snowman, which crumbles on top of him. All of the girls pile up on top of him as a referee appears out of nowhere.]

Ref: 1, 2, 3!

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