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February 26th, 2008

Jerri Li

[The scene opens with Jerri lying on a bed with scars on her face.]

Jerri: That was awesome!

[She leans over and pulls a piece barbed wire from a draw and starts rubbing it between her teeth, cutting the edges of her mouth. The sounds of a shower in the next room stop and a man named Benny walks in with a towel around his waist. Jerri scratches a pimple on her face until it pops.]

Benny: I suppose now you’re a big wrestling superstar you won’t have time for guys like me.

[Jerri goes back to the drawer and turns back with a ping pong paddle with nails superglued to it.]

Jerri: Not if you can make good use of this.

[Jerri tosses the paddle to Benny and flips over, smiling into the pillow.]

Jerri: Destroy my asian ass!

[Benny rubs his chin with a grin before lightly patting Jerri’s left cheek.]

Jerri: Harder! Make it bleed!

[Benny strikes her buttocks as hard as he can but is shocked by all the bleeding holes left behind. Jerri flips back onto her back and rests her hand on her stomach.]

Jerri: Punch me in the belly!

[Benny complies and Jerri screams out in ecstasy, her eyes spinning around in their sockets.]

Jerri: When you guys surprise me it melts my heart.

[Benny grabs her face and rams the back of her head into the wall. He then slaps her with the spiked paddle three times in the stomach.]

Jerri: Yes! Split me open!

[Benny hits her in the face with the paddle and she giggles.]

Jerri: Ok, now it’s your turn.

[She rips the towel from around his waist and takes a cheese grater out of her drawer of toys.]

Jerri: Time to clean you up.

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  1. February 27th, 2008 at 15:55 | #1

    *Dr. Thrilla is standing on the roof of a building several yards away, a sniper rifle in his hands, and Cecil is holding onto it.*

    Cecil: Doctor, put the gun down… Yes, I know you’re violently jealous of Mr. Benny, but that’s no reason to be murderous.

    Dr. Thrilla: *Heartbroken metal clanging*

    Cecil: Just send her flowers…

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