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Flashback to the future

February 22nd, 2008

Kevin the Pyromaniac

[The scene opens outside the nuthouse with heavy rain pouring down. Kevin The Pyromaniac is standing alone at the bus stop, stubble on his face and a cold look in his eye. He pulls the collar of his jacket up as the bus pulls in and the doors open with a hiss.]

Bus Driver: Hey kid, you don’t look so good.

Kevin: I’ve seen some things and I’ve gotten help, I don’t know how to adjust to the real world anymore.

Bus Driver: Did you just come from in there?

[The bus driver points his finger at the ominous building to his side.]

Kevin: Jesus, of course I did.

[Kevin lights up a smoke.]

Bus Driver: Can’t you read?

Kevin: No.

[The bus driver points to a sign with a cigarette in a red circle.]

Bus Driver: No smoking!

Kevin: God damn it.

[Kevin walks towards the back of the bus as the doors close and the vehicle begins to move. Kevin drops into one of the seats and opens up a can of pepsi. It’s not long before his addiction gets the better of him and he lights up his cigarette anyway.]

Bus Driver: Hey! You get the hell off my bus!

Kevin: No!

[The bus driver stops the bus and marches over to Kevin and grabs him by the scruff of his neck.]

Kevin: Get your hands off me!

[Kevin reaches into his jacket and pulls out a bottle of nail polish remover. He throws the liquid at the driver before igniting him with a match. The bus driver screams in pain and runs around the bus like a headless chicken.]

Kevin: I guess some things never change.

[Kevin gets off the bus, having to open the door himself, and walks away as the driver falls out onto the road in a burning heap. Kevin closes his eyes and smiles as he throws his bag over his shoulder and continues on his adventures back to sanity.]

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