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More adventures through drug land!!!!!

January 2nd, 2008

Kevin the Pyromaniac

Kevin: My skull is spinning!

[Kevin stumbles into a room, his eyes meandering from left to right. When he reaches the darkest point he lights a match.]

Kevin: Hell, I can’t see anything.

[He looks down and sees a Winnie The Pooh shaking toy and a half empty packet of pop rox. Kevin pulls a microscope out of his pants pocket and sets it to x 1000. The candy appears to spin intensely in the puddle of drool. Nearby there is a hole in the floor, and Kevin being Kevin automatically sticks his head inside.]

Kevin: Wow, I’ve found the treasure!

[The treasure just turns out to be a pair of rocket powered roller skates… but all the same Kevin gets a tingling feeling deep down in his stomach.]

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