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Enter Angelfire.

March 26th, 2006


Angelfire stood at the rampway in front of 20-thousand people. This was not a BOB event. There were no matches booked. There wasn’t even another BOB wrestler in the back. But for some reason 20-thousand people were all on their feet, cheering when Angelfire walked out.

It was like they knew Angelfire already. He was a big face, and from the looks of it almost everyone in the crowd was wearing an “Angelfire: Back to your roots” t-shirt.

Angelfire brought the mic to his face and shouted into it.

“EYE COME 2 SEEK OPOINENT.” He barely spoke any English but it seemed to make perfect sense to the crowd.


“i WAN’T 2 FIIGHT ROB VNA SPAM!!!!!!!!11111111111111”

BIG POP. The crowd was going damn well crazy!

Angelfire put both fists in the air and then LOTS of pyro exploded all over the ARENA!!! Oh my God!!! Angelfire then flew up in the air to the “awe” of the crowd and chants of “ANGEL-FIRE, ANGEL-FIRE” ran throughout the building!

Suddenly everything was clear.

Angelfire was in BOB.

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