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I’m hardcore, look at my paycheck!

June 22nd, 2005


Star Date: Yesterday

As I was depositing my first puny BOB check that I received in the mail, somebody recognized me. It was some chick who had put a restraining order on me about a year ago. Small world. Now she’s a bank teller. Figures THAT’s how somebody would recognize me…

So Pigeon is back in BOB. All his legions of fans can rejoice. I have come to achieve my destiny in BOB. And that doesn’t mean I want some little dinky hardcore title or some belt with a bunch of gadgets sticking out of it, or even the bane of the wrestling world, the tag team titles. No, I want the ONLY WORLD TITLE THAT MATTERS. Does that mean I’ll have to go through the multiple layers of hell known as BOB? Sadly, yes. I’ll have to go through jabroneys like Kevin The Pyromaniac, douja, Sir Zeno, Atomo and all the other pieces of inferior garbage that inhabit this hellhole.

So if it is written by the bookers, so it shall come to pass.

What about me?

What about Pigeon?

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