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November 30th, 2004
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Hello. This is a recording. Which means I’m probably having some really dirty sex right now. So don’t leave your name. Don’t leave your number. And Comedy Central, you better start sending out my paychecks or else I’m never gonna book another show. And then…well…you won’t pay us and you’ll just show 39 weeks of repeats, like you do with the Chappelle Show and Reno 911. And then all the BOB fans will get sick of watching old episodes and…then you’ll probably release them on DVD and FURTHER screw me. Fuck you fuckers!

Anyway. .Gimme my money!

Oh yeah, if this is Seth, I still say I’m more apathetic. And cooler.

Oh, and if this is Stacey, sorry about the clap. My bad.


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November 30th, 2004
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